How To Become Successful In Life


Success is the most popular word in the world, but it’s a subjective notion. Have you encountered Maslow’s hierarchy of needs? Well, based on that principle, people can never achieve success unless all levels of needs are met. This means, you can’t reach your full potential or dreams in life, unless you have the capability to support all your needs.

You need food to survive, money to pay the bills, self-esteem to feel good and be motivated about your existence. Now, the question is – how do you move yourself up the pyramid and reach your goals successfully?

Here are some of the most popular suggestions from personal development coaches:

Increase Your Confidence Through Action

Many experts have proven that low self-confidence can lead to inaction. Based on an article from Katty Kay and Claire Shipman, both are authors of the popular book “The Confidence Code,” states that there is a huge confidence gap between the sexes, and low self-confidence can be remedied by taking action. In fact, taking action can bolster one’s belief in their ability to achieve success. It’s also known that confidence can be developed through hard work, success, and even through failure sometimes.

Self-confident individuals are often admired by others and inspire confidence in others. They always face their fears head-on, but sometimes they often resort to risk taking. However, they know that no matter what obstacles they face along the way, they have the ability to get past them. If you are confident about yourself, you will see your life in a positive light even when things aren’t going your way. You respect yourself and you are satisfied with what you are doing now.

Become Authentic

Authenticity is an essential trait, especially in leadership. You must always be true to yourself and every decision you make must be based on those values. Yet in a book entitled “The Autheticity Paradox,” a newly promoted manager admitted to her staff that she is anxious with her new role, and she asked everyone in her team to help her succeed.

This action backfired and she lost the credibility and confidence of her staff. Why did this happen? There are times when you need to resort to playacting and emulate the qualities of successful leaders. This doesn’t make you fake, but you’re merely a work in progress.


Improve Your Social Skills

It is known that the most successful leaders of our time excel in both cognitive and social skills. Although a research conducted by the University of California at Santa Barbara had proven that people who are socially adept are more successful and respected by their peers and colleagues. Not to mention that their team looks up to them as their source of strength and confidence.

If  you want to be successful in your endeavors, then you need to improve your social skills. Always establish rapport with the people you communicate with. Find ways to improve your communication skills, especially with how you talk with your friends and co-workers, you must be clear with your message and you will surely find a lot of allies.

Develop The Habit Of Delaying Gratification

A marshmallow experiment was conducted in 1972 and this involved a series of tests on children. When a marshmallow was placed in front of these kids, with a promise that a second and much bigger marshmallow will be given to them if they can resist the temptation of eating the first marshmallow.

It had been proven that children who were able to resist the temptation of eating the first marshmallow grew up to have better social skills and lower incidence of substance abuse. They also found out that these kids are less prone to obesity and can deal with stress more effectively. You can improve yourself by choosing one positive trait and focus on it – improve it incrementally every day.

Committing to doing something every single day works too, like washing dishes after a meal or eating vegetables to live a healthier life. Top performers in various fields like music, art, sports, and CEOs in the business world are more consistent than their peers. They maintain discipline and they always deliver results, which is an important aspect of success. While everyone is bogged down with the urgencies of daily life, they constantly battle procrastination and they remain motivated for their goals.

Always Be Passionate To Reach Your Long-Term Goals

Angele Duckworth, a psychologist who had spent several years in studying successful people in the US, and she found out the most significant trait they have is consistency.Being consistent is sticking with your goals no matter what happens. It is being passionate with your work, not just for the month but for years to come – and working really hard to make your future a reality. Consistency is having the endurance of an athlete and living life like it’s a marathon, and not a sprint.

If you really want to reach your goals in life, you need to fix your mind towards your dream. Sometimes there are challenges along the way, but if you are passionate enough, you will prevail in the end.


Having The Growth Mindset

How people view their personality have a direct effect on their capacity for success and happiness. If you have the growth mindset, you will believe in things like creativity, intelligence, character is unchangeable, and avoiding failure is not a measure of your strength and smarts. People with this mindset believe that failure is a way to grow and they embrace challenges.

They learn from criticisms, persevere against setbacks and reach their ultimate goals in life. When you have the growth mindset, you will believe that you can be anyone. With proper education and motivation – you can attain the profession that you’ve always wanted.

Keep in mind that growth will come to you when you accept your failures. Mistakes is just a learning process that we need to experience in our lives.

Invest In Your Relationships

Always remember, love is the key to happiness and even if you amassed piles of money and wealth, without loving relationships you wouldn’t be happy. Happiness will depend on two things: love and the people who reciprocate that love.

No man is an island, no matter what we do in life – it’s essential that we have someone on our side. Might that be your family, friends and peers at work. You need to devote your time and develop the relationships you have now and you will be much happier in the long run.